Scared Bunny




(What’s in the box? answer… no one cares.)

In case you didn’t know, “unboxing” things and then posting a video of yourself “unboxing” said thing on Youtube has become a sort of pseudo-pornography for the internet community. This is literally videos of people opening shit you wish you had. I could make a myriad of jokes about that particular line but I won’t because I still have scruples… maybe.


This is a short one today because I’m working on something that takes a bit more thought and research.


Terrible Montage unboxing.


This first video is actually a montage of, I think at last count, 11 people trying to unbox a Google Nexus 7 Tablet. Either, A) they are so excited to be opening this thing they lost all motor function and eye sight, or B) we live in a world where people can be out smarted by clear tape. If the truth is option B, we should just make me king right now.


Next up spoof unboxing.



WHY ARE YOU NAKED? Also, why are you out of breath opening a box? I will be honest, I know this is a joke but it still made me laugh that he would actually get his friend to film him in his underwear. I guess he wanted his pants to stay in collector’s edition condition when he soiled them.


Regret unboxing.



If you know what the OUYA is you don’t need a description, but for 90% of everyone out there, it is a failed video-game system where you can play your iPhone/Android games on your TV. Great Idea… “I really would love to have my portable low grade iOS games available on my home screen”, said no one ever. With that, remember that this video is actually how he feels and is not a joke. I know this because he put sincere in the title of the video.



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